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Our Reviews

"...we used to do our own drywall, I can't even imagine doing it ourselves. We call LaRock to take care of it. Ricardo and the guys always do a great job and that is why we keep using them."
Joe U.
"I really liked the attention to detail of drywall. From the hanging, making sure enough glue was used on the studs. I was impressed."
Ben P.
"...the guys [at LaRock] were really nice and did a really great job."
Mike S.
"...I was really impressed when your guys laid down flooring paper to protect the floors. Do you guys always do that or was that just for me? You could tell the guys really cared about their work and they did a great job."
John J.
"...your team did an excellent job. Very minimal to no touch-up afterwards. The best drywall sub I've had, and will be passing on more work to you."
Michael M.
"...your guys always do an excellent job. I'm always amazed at what they can fix and make it look easy."
Alex H.
" guys were the easiest of the trades that I had come in. They did a very good job and I am happy with the results."
Mark B.
"...the homeowners were really impressed and excited about their new addition. Thank you for doing a great job."
James B.
"...please tell your team they did an excellent job. They are really good at what they do. And trust me I know it isn't easy."
Dave M.
" guys are really really good at what you do and I will wait for you guys to do my houses."
John C.
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