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Drywall Finishing

During this drywall finishing, the recently hung drywall panels are finished to appear as one solid piece. This process involves pre-filling, taping, filling, installing corner bead, mudding, and repairing any damage on the drywall panels. 

This is a critical step in the aesthetics of your home. It may look easy, but that’s only because we have years and years of practice to make it look easy. Save yourself the time, stress, and money (from having us fix initial attempts).

This is where the true artistry and craftsmanship of our trade comes to play. Like many aspects of the trade, it is essential that the drywall is finished correctly to avoid issues down the road.

At LaRock, this is where we make your home look beautiful. We ensure that every aspect is finished well so that once it is sanded, your walls look like they were made from one continuous panel. We are not in the business of mass production, we take the time to deliver quality results, and attention to detail.

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