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Drywall Installation

Drywall installation, looks a lot easier than what you would expect. The only difference, once you start it actually is a lot to it.

The main goal is to reduce the number of drywall joints or to strategically place the joints to create the appearance of a single flush drywall panel.

The fewer drywall joints you have, the better. One of the benefits of hiring us is that we order and use larger drywall panels that reduce the number of drywall joints created. 

Butt-joints tend to create a hump due to the lack of manufacturer edge press for the tape to sit. These have to be floated and expanded to create a smooth, flat surface.

Installing drywall reinforces the walls providing greater strength and integrity to your home. 

Like many aspects of the trade, it is essential that the drywall panels are installed correctly, fastened properly, and cut in a manner that eliminates excess joints. 

At LaRock, we ensure to follow all municipal and national codes. We strategically place drywall joints to reduce the number of joints, and we always use premium quality products that produce a better finish.

We will guarantee that your project passes any inspections required for drywall.

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